Documents Required for opening Demat and Trading Account

Nowadays Demat account opening is effortless. Almost all brokers provide online account opening procedure. Also, you do not require more than 3-4 documents. In this article, we see the list of required documents to open Demat and trading account.

But Before we go into the documents list, you must fulfill the below eligibility criteria to open demat account.

  • Have a valid PAN Card
  • You must be an Indian citizen
  •  Above 18 years of age

if you fulfill eligibility criteria, then collect the following documents to open account.

Documents required to Open demat Account

These are the four basic types of documents required to open Demat account:

  1. Proof Of Identity
  2. Proof of Address
  3. Proof of Bank
  4. passport size photograph

Proof Of Identity

To verify Identity, need any one of the below documents

Your PAN Card is mandatory for demat account opening.

  • UID (Aadhaar Card)
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • Voter Identity Card
  • Any document notified by the central government

Proof of address

To verify address, need any one of the below documents

if you have Aadhaar card, then you don’t need other Proof of address document

  • electricity, telephone, post-paid
  • mobile phone, piped gas, water bill.
  • Bank account or Post Office savings bank account statement.
  • Any Documents issued by Government departments

Proof of bank

To verify and link your bank to demat account, need any one of below

  • bank passbook
  • canceled cheque
  • latest 6-month statement

if you want to trade in F&O, commodity and currency, than bank statement is compulsory

These are the required documents to open demat and trading account. So now you can open a demat account. Here is a list of the  Most Trusted And Reliable Stock Brokers In India that may help you choose the best demat and trading account.

In case you’re planning to open a demat account in the name of your minor child, you’ll need to provide the related documents to proceed with this undertaking. Here’s what requires.

Required Documents to Open a Demat Account for a Minor

  • minor’s PAN card
  •  minor’s birth certificate
  •  PAN card of the guardian
  • bank accounts held in the name of the minor
  •  proof of address of the guardian

Only the minor’s father or mother can be considered as a guardian. If the guardian’s relationship with the minor is not parental, then the said guardian should have been appointed by a court order.

Related FAQ

  • Is PAN card mandatory for Demat account?

    Yes PAN Card is mandatory for open a demat account in India.

  • Is Cancelled Cheque mandatory for Demat account?

    No Cancelled Cheque is not Mandatory For Demat Account. but Bank statement is mandatory for derivatives trade

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