Upcoming Dividend Details 2021: Recent Dividend Announcement

dividend is a payout that publicly-listed companies pay to their shareholders, and its source is the company’s net profit. In simpler terms dividend is a reward for investing your money with a company. 

In India, most companies pay dividends every quarter. But some companies pay a dividend in half-yearly(6-month) or once a year. Dividends the best way to make a profit, so here we share a list of companies that pay dividends soon.

If you want to receive a dividend, then buy a share before Ex-date.

Upcoming Dividend in 2021

COMPANY NAME DIVIDEND Type Face Value (₹) Dividend % Ex-Dividend Record Date
HDFC Life Final ₹10 20 30-06-2021 01-07-2021
Supreme Petro Final ₹10 125 25-06-2021 -
Bhansali Eng Final ₹1 100 22-06-2021 -
Supreme Ind Final ₹2 850 21-06-2021 -
Kansai Nerolac Special ₹1 200 17-06-2021 -
Tata Steel Final ₹10 250. 17-06-2021 -
Torrent Pharma Final ₹5 300. 17-06-2021 -
Tata Power Final ₹1 155.00 17-06-2021 -

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 Important dividend dates:

  • Announcement dates:- On this date, the company’s board of directors announces the dividend.
  • Record date:-On this date, a company decides which shareholders are eligible to receive the announced dividend payment. If you don’t have a share in your Demat account before the record date, then you not eligible for dividends.
  • Ex-dividend date:-The ex-dividend date means the day by which investors can buy shares of a particular company to earn the next dividend payment. This is usually one day before the record date. If investors purchase stocks of a company after the ex-dividend date, they will not be eligible to receive a dividend payment.
  • Payment date:-On this date, the dividend is credited to the investor’s Bank accounts.

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Type of Dividend

  • Cash – this is the payment of actual cash from the company directly to the shareholders and is the most popular dividend payout. The payment is directly transferred bank account but may also be paid by check or cash as per their stock holdings.
  • Stock – stock dividends are paid out to shareholders by issuing new shares in the company. this stock is also known as bonus share
  • Assets – a company may also pay out other assets such as investment securities, physical assets, and real estate.
  • Scrip Dividend: This type of dividend is a promissory note to pay the company’s shareholders at a later date. This scrip dividend creates the note payable, which may include interest or may not include.
  • Special – a special dividend is one that’s paid outside of a company’s standard policy (i.e., quarterly, annual, etc.). It is usually the result of having excess cash on hand for one reason or another.
  • Other, less common, types of financial assets can be paid out as dividends, such as options, warrants, shares in a new spin-out company, etc.

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